Varying Degrees of Excitement


Dark Souls 2 is weird in that to me it seems that if the player is passive in their enjoyment of the game, it's plenty fun. It controls well, there are a plethora of unique weapons, and challenges are fun to overcome. But when actively dissecting what's presented, the poorly sewn seams are apparent everywhere. Pat regularly ruins Woolie's fun by pointing them out. Am I on the right track?


Not really. The opposite of that, actually. It’s a game that wants you to analyze and dissect it. It’s just that normally, in the Miyazaki games, they actually hold up for the most part, minus a few errors in logic. Dark Souls 2, being from different development heads that don’t really give a rat’s ass about such things, is enough of a mess with its own internal logic that while it’s trying to pretend it’s the same kind of game, the more you search for answers, the more disappointing it gets. The “just enjoy it” argument a lot of video game enthusiasts enjoy employing to defend silly bullshit in other games doesn’t work for Souls games since they’re supposedly games that are designed to be broken down by the player. I enjoy watching Woolie’s fun crumble into irritation. It’s validation in its purest form.

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Please watch the video.

I’m getting scared as fuck to be alive right now.


Don’t let it disappear. Not now, not ever.

this is real life shit happening right now on actual city streets..

Those kids make cute human shields.

"I’m so scared of being alive right now." The tumblr user said, curling up in the fetal position in the corner of her room, ignoring the fact that there are much bigger deals in the world right now than unjustified riots in Ferguson. Stay in the corner, sweetie. It’s probably where you belong.

About the Mike Brown Case

Mike Brown Media/ Mobs/ Gov. Jay Nixon, Al Sharpton, etc.: The police should be more transparent! We want to know why this poor unarmed child was shot in the back!

Police: Here’s some footage of Mike Brown robbing a convenience store by pushing a worker into a row of shelves than intimidating him by sticking his chest out and lumbering towards him like a fucking maniac. Also the police car shows evidence that there was a struggle inside when Brown tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him. AND here’s an autopsy report revealing that Mike Brown rushed the officer and was not ‘executed’.

Mike Brown Media/ Mobs/ Gov. Jay Nixon, Al Sharpton, etc.: How dare you try to ruin the character of this little doe-eyed angel! 

Just bought Demon Souls and I'm about to go in raw. Any advice for a newcomer to the series who only has Pat's bad advice to go on?


Not for Demon’s. Never played it, probably never will since it’s console exclusive. But from I know, don’t expect to upgrade many weapons. And you may want to try to cheese difficult enemies rather than trying to fight them honorably. They’re dicks. Watch EpicNameBro or GermanSpy’s stuff.

Don’t watch EpicNameBro’s stuff on lore though. He messes up facts like nobody’s business. “The reason those bosses are larger isn’t because they’re ACTUALLY larger than the protagonist. It’s because they’re bosses.”


one of my favorite things about robin williams is that when he was filming “one hour photo” there’s a scene where he offers a boy an action figure from the store he works in, and robin williams asked the director if he could pick the toy and he fucking brought in his own evangelion figure and somehow the director said yes, even though there’s no way a store like that at that time would have a toy like that


Question for Persona Fans

I just beat Persona 4 Golden and am currently enjoying Arena, anticipating Ultimax and scrounging for information on 5. I’ve already decided to buy Persona 3: FES, but I want a game for my PS Vita. Are Persona 1 or 2 (Innocent Sin) worth checking out if I really enjoyed 4? Or are they too much of a step back in any way?

(Persona 4 Golden Spoilers)

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