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Oct 2

Who is Sen and why was his fortress built?



Part of me thinks that it was named after the everlasting dragon whose bones were used to construct the Iron Golem.

It might’ve been the name of Gwyn’s first born who may have built it as a trial for potential Sunlight warriors; which would make sense given that the only NPCs we encounter…

We don’t really know much, if anything, about Sen’s Fortress, but we can intuit that it was built after Gwyn lit the First Flame and Gwyndolin and Frampt started the Chosen Undead conspiracy.

The Iron Golem is plainly a test for Undead to overcome and fulfill the prophecy.  The fact that Tarkus seems to have defeated it in the past implies that someone then rebuilt it or shoved another ‘core’ into the husk for the next undead to fight, so presumably they’re still active.  The Fortress’ layout is meant to keep intruders away, but the giants who inhabit it only open the gates when the Bells of Awakening are rung, which is obviously part of the prophecy spread by Gwyndolin and Frampt. 

The place is filled with Balder Knights (which we know little about) giants (who seem to just be laborers) and snakemen, who we know to have a connection to Seathe the Scaleless.  Whatever Sen’s Fortress was initially, it has been utterly transformed as a gauntlet for potential Chosen Undead to run through.

The most important detail of Sen’s Fortress for me is the silver knight armor lying all over the place. The fortress was initially built as a training ground for silver knights but is now used as a proving ground for the Chosen Undead. Also notice the blocked elevator at behind the Iron Golem. It’s my belief this would have once carried those who had proven themselves worthy of being silver knights to Anot Londo; now those demon-things carry the potential chosen undead to the city of the gods. 

Oct 1


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What is this? What is this?



What is this? What is this?

On Borderlands

having a yelling narrator announce that internet memes won’t be infecting your game isn’t usually necessary, but I guess it was for the borderlands series. I won’t pretend i’m not a little hype now though.


Remember that feeling when you played Dark Souls for the first time? I miss that feeling, I miss the fear of going through a fog gate, i miss the fear of engaging a black knight in battle, i miss my deaths on Sen’s Fortress, i miss the sadness when a NPC i really loved had…

Bloodborne should bring that feeling back. Demon Souls brought back that feeling for me (I played it second) so I think Miyazaki’s titles should be consistently high-quality. 


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The Duke’s Archives, Dark Souls Design Works. 


look at this idiot

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Dell’Otto riffs on Marvel’s most iconic villains.